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Promo Products.

We offer a diverse range of promotional products for clients to showcase their branding. Our selection includes custom apparel such as t-shirts and caps, tech gadgets like USB drives and power banks, office essentials including pens and notebooks, and eco-friendly items like reusable bags and water bottles.


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Bring your vision to reality.

We offer a wide range of promotional products to suit all budgets, ensuring every client can find the perfect items for their needs. Whether you're a major organisation, a community group, or a charity, we have options that align with your financial constraints and branding goals. Our experience spans working with large corporations, providing high-volume, customisable products, to assisting local charities and community groups with cost-effective, impactful promotional items. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality and value, helping all clients effectively promote their brand, regardless of their budget or scale.

Options with the environment in mind.

At Thomson Partnership, we prioritise sustainability by offering a wide range of eco-friendly promotional products. Our selection includes reusable items such as tote bags, water bottles, and coffee cups, all designed to reduce single-use plastic consumption. We also provide biodegradable pens, notebooks made from recycled materials, and eco-friendly apparel crafted from organic cotton or recycled fabrics. These eco-conscious products not only help promote your brand but also demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility, appealing to the growing number of environmentally aware consumers.

Eco Mouse Mat
Eco Toothbrush
Eco Keyring
Eco Water Bottle

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A selection of some items which are available to brand with your identity.

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